Brief Introduction

The number of Buddhist followers is increasing nowadays, but many Buddhist organisations either emphasise on teaching course content or are confined to the spreading of their own lineages, little is placed on the spread of integrated Chan (Zen) and Esoteric teachings, as such, beginners to Buddhism often do not know where to start learning.  The establishment of our society is to spread the practice of integrated Chan (Zen) and Esoteric teachings, to provide the four groups of Buddhist followers a comprehensive practice system, in the hope that this will become a convenient practice method suitable for modern people and it will then become their ladders to future attainments.

Nalanda was ancient India’s top Buddhist University and Academic Center, it was also the world’s earliest International University.  Nalanda - nalam in Sanskrit means lotus, da means to give, lotus is a symbol of knowledge in Indian Buddhism and thus the meaning of Nalanda is giver of knowledge.  As the name implies, the set up of Nalanda Society is for the spread of systematic Buddhist knowledge, it is a society for both the transmission of Buddhist theory as well as actual practice.

Our society is founded by a group of professionals who have been learning Buddhist theory and practising the teachings under the tutelage of Vajra Supreme Master Yuan Fan for many years, we hope that the set up of our society will provide an efficient, progressive and systematic learning platform for aspirants to Buddhahood, to enable the continuation and widespread of the practice of integrated Chan (Zen) and Esoteric teachings in modern society to benefit the world.
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