Practice and Educational Activities

  • Weekly dharma talks via Skype to four groups of disciples in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.
  • Guidance on practice to four groups of disciples using the practice booklets with Theravada, Mahayana (Chan) and Vajrayana practices systematically integrated into them.
  • Long and short term retreats to train serious learners among the four groups of disciples.
  • Regular Short Term Renunciation and Sangha Summer and Winter Retreat.


Dharma Talk by Venerable(s)

1.0 Master Yuan Fan's recordings in Mandarin
1.1 Buddhism and Interpersonal Relationship - 1/4
1.2 Buddhism and Interpersonal Relationship - 2/4
1.3 Buddhism and Interpersonal Relationship - 3/4
1.4 Buddhism and Interpersonal Relationship - 4/4
1.5 Difference between Exoteric and Esoteric Teachings - 1/2
1.6 Difference between Exoteric and Esoteric Teachings - 2/2
1.7 Chan (Zen) and Daily Living - 1/2
1.8 Chan (Zen) and Daily Living - 2/2

Buddhist Terminology Course – conducted by Senior Buddhist Lay Disciples

 1.0 Buddhist Terminology Course in Mandarin
2.0 Buddhist Terminology Course in English

Path to Concentrate on Practice

1.0 History
1.1 History of Buddhism in India
1.2 History of Buddhism in China
1.3 History of Buddhism in Tibet
1.4 Life of Buddha

2.0 Theory (Insight Section)
2.1 The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment
2.2 Ratnagotravibhaga
2.3 Madhyantavibhaga
2.4 The Nine Yanas
2.5 Four Schools of Thoughts in Buddhism
2.6 Abhidharma Kosa
2.7 Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand
2.8 Explanation on Lamp to the Path of Enlightenment

Practice System (Practice Section/ Discipline Section)

1.0 Practice Section

1.1 Practice Booklet 1
Practice Booklet 2
1.3 Practice Booklet 3
1.4 Practice Booklet 4
1.5 Practice Booklet 5
1.6 Practice Booklet 6
1.7 Practice Booklet 7
1.8 Practice Booklet 8

2.0 Path of the Rainbow Light
This phase is for practitioners of Practice Booklet 3 and beyond only. Teachings are received directly from Master. (Have scheduled short one-to-one conference with Venerable for evaluation of practice)

 3.0 Discipline Section
3.1 Five Precepts for Buddhist Lay Disciples
3.2 Sutra on Upasaka Precepts
3.3 Sutra on Ten Wholesome Conduct
3.4 A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life
3.5 Treatise on Bodhisattva's Precepts for the Path to Enlightenment
3.6 Shantideva's Full Collection
3.7 Samaya

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