President's Message

As a result of everyone's great effort and the overcoming of various aspects of challenges, Nalanda Society is now officially set up. Under the guidance of Supreme Master Yuan Fan, our society is committed to develop into an organization that will propagate the dharma to benefit sentient beings, to help determined to learn and spread the right teachings of Buddha to a greater scale, this is a practice platform that places equal emphasis on theory and practice, it allows genuine learners of Buddhism to have an orthodox dharma learning pipeline and Buddha's lotus learning.

Nalanda Society's practice system adheres to "Chan (Zen) as the Principal Part and Esotericism as the Use, Fusion of Chan (Zen) and Esotericism" approach. This practice method of Chan (Zen) as the principal part and Esotericism as the use is a non-dualistic approach for Buddhist practitioners of the Age of Dharma Decline. Our society's objective is to be committed in the spread of "Chan (Zen) and Esotericism" practice method, to learn and to spread Buddha's right teachings. Our teachings are non-denominational, our dharma learners are regardless of region and our only hope is to integrate Buddha's teachings into a systematic and progressive actual practice system that can benefit genuine Buddhist learners of today.

Our society's root and lineage guru, Vajra Supreme Master Yuan Fan, spends his whole life propagating the dharma and benefitting sentient beings, he does not go after worldly benefits and reputation, while at his lows he continues to advance vigorously, assuming all the responsibility of propagating and spreading Buddha's teachings. We vow to strive together with our Supreme Master, to use modern technology like website preaching, Skype, electronic media and the like, to popularize and internationalize our guru's work of propagating the dharma.

Wishing that all will be smooth and successful!


Jason Lim
President of Nalanda Society
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