Geshe Tenzing Tamding


Ven. Geshe Tenzing Tamding is a Spiritual Director of Buddhist centers in Japan, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Bulgaria, and sixteen Buddhist centers in Spain. He has received intensive study of Tibetan grammar, literature, religious texts and memorization of basic debates in the monastery of Ganden Shartse, having spent a total of 27 years in a monastery. He has completed all the courses of the five major areas of knowledge such as Buddhist Perfection of Wisdom, Madhyamika, Metaphysics, Logic and Monastic Discipline with distinction, achieving the highest academic honor in the School Gelugpa.Ven.

Geshe Tenzin has been the personal translator for His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama to the Chinese in teaching important spiritual and religious ceremonies. Having received the highest ranking as Geshe Lharampa and being the youngest Geshe Lharampa, SS Dalai Lama sent him to spread the authentic dharma to monastic institutions and Buddhist centers around the world. He has created a foundation called Chu Sup Tsang Foundation for the preservation of Tibetan culture, art and Buddhism. The main objective of the foundation is to recreate the main Gelugpa monastic universities.

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