Step By Step Registration Guide

The Nalanda Society has setup online course and event registration platform so that member and non-member can have a better user experience in registering and tracking their courses. The platform also allow online payment to ease the administration of managing funds, donations and receipts more systematically for audit purposes.


Step 1: Event Registration

Choose a course or event within the calendar or from any event link to register for the course.

Click on Register Now to view course detail.

nld calender01

Step 2: Full Event Description 

Event detail with registration button.

Click on Add To Event Cart to add event to cart.

nld registernew02

Click on View Event Cart to go to Step 3.

Click on Procced To Registration to go to Step 4.
nld precart 03

Step 3: Registration Checkout

View cart for course sign up and final payment.

Click on Proceed To Registration to go to Step 4.

nld eventcart04

Step 4: Login with Attendee Information

If member is login, system will retrieve past information and pre-fill the details.

Click on Register for an account here for non-existing user to create a new account which will bring you to Step 5.

nld registernew02a
nld memberreg05

Step 5: Create New User (If not existing)

First time registration will require member to create a user and registration details.

nld regform07

Step 6: Payment Mode

Online payment will be through our payment gateway: Stripe, which is able to accept credit card payment. Payment is process through Stripe and rest assure that our website do not keep any credit card information.

Direct Bank transfer is also possible through PayNow option. However we will only be able to register and confirm the payment after verifying with the bank.

There are currently 2 mode of payment: PayNow and Credit Card

Click on the icon to select the mode of payment and proceed with the instructions provided.


Payment Mode: Pay by Credit Card

Enter your credit card information and click on Pay Now button.

nld creditcard10

Payment Mode: Pay by PayNow

Please kindly take a screenshot of your PayNow payment and send to us. After verifying, your registration will be confirmed.

nld paymentmode08