Vesak Day cum Short Term Renunciation

Buddha Mandala Monastery in Chittering, Western Australia organised the second Short Term Renunciation during the period from May 30, 2015 to June 12, 2015; it once again provided the opportunity for lay people to continuously sow the seed for liberation and attainment of Buddhahood, to accumulate merits and to grow virtuous roots. The birth of the Buddha was also celebrated at the same time, participants were thus left with precious memories of such sacred days.

Feelings and Thoughts of Participants

I’m really very glad to have join this short term renunciation retreat. It’s has been a great and fulfilling experience.

I don’t have much concentration when doing my practice in Singapore. Reciting mantra was always in a rush and with much disturbing thoughts.

Buddha Mandala Monastery (BMM) really provides a very peaceful and conducive environment for my practice. I was able to concentrate more on my practice and there was not much disturbing thoughts. I was able to let go of my wandering mind.

I lead a very routine and healthy lifestyle during this short term renunciation retreat, waking up early in the morning and sleeping early at night. I normally sleep very late at night and have irregular meals in Singapore, which I know was very bad for my health. So I was very happy to be able to have a routine life and able to rest early.

Thanks to Venerables’s teachings, I now have a deeper understanding of the 8 precepts and the Dharma.

My mind was more at peace and calmer during these two weeks. Time was well spent and I feel much joy. I must admit that I have greatly benefitted from this retreat.

Joey 合十