Sugandha Hall is situated at the foot of Buddha Mandala Monastery. The interior of this firm and magnificent looking red brick structure (700 square metre) is basically divided into three sections, each for a different function.

The first section is the main hall. Its wide-open space is primarily used for holding pujas, having meals and receiving guests. The space on its right is for Buddhist devotees’ ancestral tablets. The main attraction of this hall is the benevolent and solemn-looking Maitreya Buddha statue. On the right is the seated statue of Avalokitesvara. With a beautiful moustache on his upper lips, he sits freely and displays a fiercely courageous manly look. On the left are three standing holy statues, namely Ksitigarbha, Amitabha Buddha and Avalokitesvara (from left to right).

These three holy statutes were kindly donated by a Singaporean devotee, Mr. Ho Whye Chong. They were transported there by road from Brisbane, Eastern Australia. The whole journey took three days. At the back of the main hall, sits Ksitigarbha which is made of white marble. Two black stone Protectors standing in front of the main hall are the “Heng” and “Ha”. These three statues were kindly donated by another Singapore devotee, Mdm Guo Yuan Feng.The second section is the left back hall. Following the Australian layout and design guidelines, this area is designated for the preparation of cooking ingredients.
The third section is the right back hall. This is the main cooking area in the kitchen.

Buddha Mandala Monastery’s office is located here as well. In addition, there are three bedrooms for volunteers who are helping out in the kitchen.