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Buddhism is a religion that can adapt to the needs of changing times. During the agricultural period, education and information were not widespread, thus simple teachings and practice methods of Theravada Buddhism spread in such simple and stable environment. During the commercial era, political power was above all. Mahayana Buddhism once valued by rulers prevailed, historical records of Buddhism during China’s Tang dynasty and the subsequent dynasties are such examples. Leaping into the age of technology, advanced technology overwhelms political, economic, military, and cultural domains, there is no boundary between countries, this change greatly influences the way human thinks and lives, thus Vajrayana Buddhism is being greatly valued.

Guru Padmasambhava prophesied: “When the iron bird flies (aeroplane, rocket, spacecraft, man-made satellite and the like). Esoteric Buddhism will spread worldwide.” In fact, looking at this hi-tech era now, the West has already benefited from the system of Vajrayana Buddhism, especially those in the fields of psychology, philosophy, medicine and physics, huge breakthroughs were achieved, and every year top people from the fields of science gather in India for regular closed-door seminar, these are examples of Buddhism and advanced scientific and academic fields combined.

Vajrayana Buddhism, whether in terms of theoretical concept (philosophy), logical debate or actual practice method, has a set of indigenous system, a long time ago, which can control and transform body and mind; basically, it still uses Ethical Discipline, Concentration and Sublime Wisdom to train the body and mind, to achieve the actual result of leaving sufferings, gaining happiness and attaining Buddhahood; however, speaking from the standpoint of differences in features of practice, Concentration is used to collect body, mind and energy, through Sublime Wisdom transformation, enable body and mind energy to rise (tummo), then combine with focus, refine the no-beginning, mundane and suffering body and mind towards the attainment of Buddha’s three bodies, namely Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya, as well as to be able to control rebirth; this exceptionally supreme method is the fortune of the whole mankind, but human beings need to practice spontaneously to uncover it.

Buddha Mandala Monastery is diligently practising based on the two main practice systems of Chan and Esoteric Buddhism, for the current needs of its practitioners, the essence of the two systems have been written out very simply, this is definitely incomparable to the other traditional mainstream Chan and Esoteric Sects; however, being in the land of a different country, the only hope is to do the best that can be done, to preserve and spread it. The advancement of the humongous global world results from right body and mind energy of the whole human race, thus learn diligently the right way to control and use body and mind, this will enable self and others to gain endless benefits. Hope this will encourage all to learn diligently and gain immeasurable meritorious virtues together.