1994Received Bachelor of Life Sciences from Queensland University of Technology, Australia
2001Received Master of Science – Biotechnology, Molecular Genetics from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2007Renounced the world and sought refuge under Master Yuan Fan
2007 – 2008Studied Buddhism at Yitung Buddhist Institute, Taiwan
2009 Till NowLearn about the operation of the monastery, and the theory and practice system of Buddhism under the tutelage of Supreme Master Yuan Fan.
2014 – 2017Went for three and a half years of Dharma solitary retreat practice under the guidance of Supreme Master Yuan Fan with the support of all Venerables and laities.
2020 Till NowTeaches at Maitreya Pancavidya Buddhist Institute, person-in-charge for the Chinese and English Sravakayana theory classes and practices.

Sharing by Venerable

Giving and offering to generate good conditions
Prostrations to the Buddhas and repentance to purify the mind
Generating bodhicitta to save all sentient beings
Maintaining the rigpa day and night to realise the Buddha Nature