Maitreya Pancavidya Hall

The purpose of setting up Maitreya Pancavidya Hall is to introduce the practice of “Chan as the body and Tantra as the usage” to followers of Buddhism and to enable Buddha’s teachings to be implemented in practice. This is done through systematic Buddhist courses and lectures.

At the same time, Maitreya Pancavidya Hall aims to nurture Buddhist research talents, to propagate the practice system of “Chan and Tantra” as well as to raise individual’s practice quality and attainment, all these will in turn purify the social atmosphere so that it will become a caring humane society filled with wisdom and compassion.

Maitreya Pancavidya Hall’s curriculum is designed based on the five major fields of knowledge, namely:

  1. Inner knowledge (theory and realisations)
  2. Grammar (Chinese, English and Tibetan languages)
  3. Logic
  4. Medicine
  5. Visual arts

In terms of theory, the five major fields of knowledge support the theory system in the eight Practice Booklets.

In terms of realisations, practitioners rely on the practices in the eight Practice Booklets, which is an integration of Tibetan Buddhism’s progressive learning system and Chan Buddhism’s direct guidance approach. 

This practice system that places equal emphasis on Chan and Tantra, enables Buddhist learners to go through the learning stages of hearing, contemplation, and practice to gain realisations and to achieve the objective of learning Buddhism.