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Venerable Fa Yun

Venerable Fa Yun

1994Graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.  She started to receive teachings from Master Yuan Fan during her school days in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
1996Renounced the world and sought refuge under Master Yuan Fan
2000Graduated from Yuan Kuang Buddhist College of Taiwan
2006Received Bachelor of Arts from University of Western Australia, Australia
2007Received Graduate Diploma in Education from Murdoch University, Australia
2010-2013Completed three years and three months of retreat under the tutelage of Master Yuan Fan


Sharing by Venerable Fa Yun

My foundation was first laid by learning Buddhist knowledge and rituals during the first few years of my monastic life in a Buddhist College. At that time, I was not on the steps of real practice. The real training started only in 2010 when the conditions were ready. Under the compassionate teachings of my mentor, I started my three years and three months of retreat. I completed my retreat in 2013.

For a practitioner to be able to travel far on the path towards Buddhahood, the following four conditions are needed: qualified teacher, Buddhist theory, practice system and indomitable will. The three trainings of ethical discipline, concentration and wisdom form the fundamental practice of a monk or nun.

To practice is to train the mind, basically to maintain self-control at all times. Be vigilant, contemplative and not indulge in the pleasures of the body, speech and mind, this will enable one to stop all evil as taught in Buddhist teachings. Undergoing a retreat is to put the theory in practice; this is the best way to train one’s body and mind. For a first timer, going for a retreat is not an accomplishment, it is only the start. The training of one’s mind during the retreat is only benefitting self; to be in firm control of one’s mind after the retreat to help all sentient beings is benefitting others; this is to do all good. After being in the world for some years, one should go for a mountain retreat again; going through these alternate trainings will enable the body and mind to mature. Undergoing retreat and practical training is the only way to enable one to use dharma precisely to engage and guide sentient beings to benefit self and others; this is to purify one’s mind.

In short, there is a need for Buddhist community to set up a system to train, standardise and improve the quality of its monks or nuns. Buddhist theory, practice method and retreat should form the core of this training system. The presence of a senior qualified teacher is of utmost importance; only with his guidance, can one gain breakthrough at the crux of each practice level.