For the Consecration Ceremony of Buddha Mandala Monastery, Western Australia

On this auspicious day, at this moment as Buddha Mandala Monastery conducts its extremely supreme and perfect consecration ceremony, high monks and honorable guests from all over the world, an auspicious and wish fulfilling greeting to all of you.

Please allow me to say three things here:

First, as a result of past good deeds and power of aspiration, in this life, he continues to do the same for sentient beings’ lives, joy of peace, success and failure; he views social welfare as his responsibility, tolerating humiliation as he shoulders this great responsibility; loving, compassionate and respectably noble – Vajra Supreme Master Yuan Fan, he builds Buddha Mandala Monastery to facilitate the spread of Dharma to benefit sentient beings, it is successfully completed and it is conducting a grand opening ceremony now, right here, I express my heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to him.

Second, knowing the law of karma, having great respect for the triple gems, with noble morality and thoughts of kindness – Distinguished Guests, I am very happy to have the opportunity to join you in this great event and to be part of this magnificent deed, great honour is deeply felt and wishes are sent from my heart.

Third, our great teacher – Shakyamuni Buddha was given birth in Samsara, his first turn of dharma wheel was more than two thousand nine hundred years ago (there are different sayings), it is coming to three thousand years now. Buddha is aware of the roots of sentient beings’ numerous sufferings, they originate from greed and the like – eighty-four thousand types of vexations, thus eighty-four thousand corresponding teachings were delivered to counteract them. All these teachings can be grouped into the nine yanas, all these are also included in the exoteric and esoteric teachings. Though the general and secret teachings are being spread everywhere, in terms of them being completely passed down and propagated, it is none other than Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism can be divided into the Early Period – Old Translation School, Nyingmapa and the After (King Langdarma) Period – New Translation School, Sarma. Among them, in the later period, those which possess the six extremely supreme features are called the Old Translations – Nyingmapa, the school’s source of origin, the main monastery is the Kathok Dorjeden (meaning Kathok Vajra Seat).

The present respectable and noble Vajra Supreme Master Yuan Fan, had received our monastery’s dharma transmission lineage before, it included Kathok school’s secret passing down of unique ‘Thondup, Longsal Terma Section’ teaching transmission, oral transmission, keynote teachings and many other teachings. The set up of Buddha Mandala Monastery in Western Australia forms the place for exoteric and esoteric teachings; the monastery will play an important role in the spread of these teachings locally and even internationally, and it will inevitably become a center for out-of-the-world as well as world teachings, which are both indispensable. The bodicitta wish to help sentient beings has already started to turn into action from here; to enable more people to gain temporary joy of peace and ultimate freedom is what I wish for. Due to time factor, I shall say no more. Lastly, wishing everyone good health, happiness and increase in merit and wisdom, Tashi Delek!

84th Throne Holder, Lord of Dharma Lhoga Rinpoche
Kathok Ancestral Monastery